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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When an Affiliate and CamTel Media team up, what are each of their roles?
The Marketing Affiliate Member is independent and CamTel Media is an independent company. CamTel Media' Website provides the Affiliate with professional high quality samples of the services and products Whirlwind offers the Affiliate and his clients. Using Whirlwind’s Website the Affiliate solicits and project manages new marketing projects and provides Whirlwind with the necessary information needed by Whirlwind to in turn provide the Affiliate with a no cost, proposal to develop and produce the services and products requested by the Affiliate for their client. The commission paid to the Affiliate on a marketing campaign is 15%. Whirlwind’s National Award Winning Creative and Technical team work hand in hand with the Affiliate to create and produce the marketing tools needed by the Affiliate’s clients.
Q: How can CamTel Media offer a NO COST Affiliate Membership when others are charging tens of thousands of dollars in franchise and royalty fees to provide similar services and products?
A: CamTel Media is not interested in making money from their Affiliates as a franchisor or Multi Level/Network marketing company. Whirlwind is interested in teaming up with their Affiliates to bring in good clients and make them happy and at the same time both making a nice profit.
Q: How much is the total investment an Affiliate has to make to get started?
A: The good news is other than their time and efforts practically nothing. You’ll need a laptop computer and cell phone. will provide the major selling tools you need. Our on-line Webinars will provide the training and support you’ll need. There are upgrade options for those who want additional marketing tools.
Q: Are Affiliates locked into a long term contract?
A: No. Nor is CamTel Media. Either party can give a 30 day noticed without cause to terminate the Affiliate agreement.